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New York Herniated Disc | Chiropractic Appointment | 646-553-1884 Dr. Alex Eingorn at Better Health Chiropractic in New York City treat patients who have slipped or herniated discs. In this video Dr. Eingorn explains what the initial visit to his practice is like.

Generally when the patient comes to us for the first time, we will have them fill out a questionnaire that is pretty extensive. It has many questions about their history and their previous health problems.

Then I will sit down with them and we will have an interview.

The Interview

Predominantly what we are going to do first is we are going to focus on the problem that they are presenting with.

“Doc I have neck pain.”
“Doc I have lower back pain.”
“Doc my leg does not work.”
“I am having migraines.”

Then I will ask them more questions about the problem.

When did the problem start?
How did it start?
Were there any extenuating circumstances?
Was there an accident?
Was there an issue?
Was there an incident of some kind?

We want to get as full of a picture as possible on the person, on the patient, not just on their pain.

After that we will commence with the examination.

The Examination

The examination will consist of pretty much all the standard physical tests, blood pressure, vital signs and then we will move on to orthopedic and neurological exam. Generally, we will first focus on the immediate problem. We will check the range of motion. We will check if they have any sensitivity, any illness or any limitations. We will check how sensitive they are to pain.

Clinical Decision

After we have done the thorough exam then we will have a clinical decision making process to make. Usually it is done with the patient, sometimes we want to just go ahead and then render conservative treatment.

Sometimes we want to get some imaging, whether it is an X-ray MRI or MRA or some type of other tests we need to have done. Sometimes we send them out for blood tests.

Usually we will get in touch with a primary care physician to get more of a history and to keep in touch to make sure that we are all on the same page. Once those decisions are made then of course the treatment plan is discussed with the patient and we commence with the treatment.

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