Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Liked on YouTube: Decompression or Traction for Spinal Injuries | Better Health Chiropractic

Decompression or Traction for Spinal Injuries Dr. Alex Eingorn is a chiropractor in New York City that specializes in treatments for herniated discs.

In this video Dr. Eingorn discusses the difference between decompression and traction for spinal injuries, like herniated discs and bulging discs.

What is non-surgical spinal decompression?

Non-surgical lumbar decompression is a treatment that has been shown to be quite effective in treating back pain due to spinal injuries, bulging discs, slipped discs, and other issues such as disc herniation. This technique consists of the gentle stretching of the spine which results in the re-positioning of the vertebrae.

By using state-of-the-art equipment, your practitioner can remove pressure from your discs, which are essentially cushions that are located between the vertebrae of your spine. By introducing negative pressure to the disc, the herniations are able to withdraw, thereby reducing the pressure that has been placed on the nerves and other spinal structures.

By relieving this pressure, the technique is able to facilitate a more healthy flow of oxygen, water, and other nutrients both between and around the discs. This allows for improved, more efficient healing.


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